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Margaret Sanger, "Tucson Planned Parenthood Workers Message," 11 Jan 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:647."

While in Los Angeles, Sanger sent this message to be read a a tea for workers of the Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic, that was held at her home.

Friends of P.P.

In spirit I welcome you all here today-- Regret exceedingly that I have been detained in LA.

The International situation in relation to Birth Control & Population has grown to such an extent that much help must be given in advice, lectures, articles & organizations.

India especially & Japan as well are buzzing with interest.

Dr Stone the medical Director of our Bureau in N. Y. was invited by the W.H.O. in Geneva to go to India to set up Pilot clinics under the guidance of the Director of Public Health in India.

Prime Minister Nehru came out in the open in his address on Public Welfare to advise Birth Control centers through out India.

This is a great Victory for the International movement that others with less courage previously now dare to endorse the work--

The International Committee in London of which I am an American representative has been invited to hold the next BC Conference in India in 1952.

Plans are proceeding toward this event-- The date as to month & day has yet to be decided but we may say November--in Bombay or New Dehli-- Other Int Conferences on Child Welfare & Social Work are being held in Dec at Madras-- We are asked to cooperate with these agencies & are of course happy to do so. Japan is another interesting country-- The Japanese people are awake to the problem of over population.

I am invited again to go to Japan--a meeting of 3000 men & women on Dec 6--issued an invitation to me to come to Japan in the Spring of 52. But as we who are going to India will pass through Japan--we are asking to be allow us to stop at that time instead of making a trip to Japan in the Spring--

Singapore has several BC Clinics, the government has given $5000.00 for supplies to the 7 clinics in that locality. All over the world the idea is spreading--and now you will soon receive a news Bulletin--with International News. Edited by my friend Mrs Charles F Brush in New York. This is only a four sheet News Bulletin, we hope to have money enough within a year to make it a real magazine-- It's bubbling with news & most encouraging to us all.

I am to be on T.V. in Hollywood to debate the question of BC & its importance to Civilization. The opponent is a R. Catholic mother of nine children. There is the possibility of my returning on time for this meeting but here are a few of the Highlights in case I am delayed.

You are so welcome to be in my home-- The Tucson Group will continue to do the splendid work begun several years ago--

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