Margaret Sanger, "Is Motherhood Sacred?," n.d..

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S73:101."

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Is Motherhood Sacred?

This is a question that millions of women have flung at me.

Motherhood gives to woman most of her most beautiful attributes, and Maternity coupled with love of the mate exalts Motherhood to a plane.

The best & rightful environment for a child is that which surrounds a happy healthy joyous Mother.

If Motherhood were free from fears & worries, anxieties free to devote herself only to those children she could properly rear & guide, we would have fewer gangsters racketeers & criminals.

The normal ↑moral↓ influence of an ↑intelligent↓ mother over her young child is far greater for good, than any institutions, ↑juvenile↓ courts, a ↑reform↓ schools. If we know this to be true why do we make it necessary or possible for no mothers to bring so many children into the world that she cannot give them the attention of guidance necessary for their training & development consequently they are neglected, pushed out of the home at an early age, find streets there only play grounds & evil companions their guides.

Inevitably they are bound to end up in reform schools.

A cruel life for children a cruel & unnecessary hardship for the mothers.

Better a thousand times that such children had not been born--had never seen the light of day.

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