Margaret Sanger, "Research on Contraceptive Pill," 1956.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collection, S72:975."

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In reviewing this subject over the years when the greatest concern & convincing argument was to save the mother from the fatal result of abortions & too frequent pregnancies. Today the subject has taken up ↑on↓ wider horizons--worldwide interest of people in all lands & ↑as well as↓ the resources necessary to feed & clothe & supply them with the means of to sustain life & the ↑personal↓ development in dignity & freedom.

It was encouraging ↑to us all↓ that it Tokyo at the IPP. Conference Oct 24-30/56 the subject of greatest interest in the press & to the delegates was discussion of the possibility of the use of a contraceptive pill. Dr Gregory Pincus of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology in his paper pointed out that certain hormones can & will inhibit ovulation. He had experimented for years with rabbits & rats & of late had successful experiences with giving the same hormone ↑via mouth↓ to women.

There were others who did not report the same success, but the important fact is that the door so long shut & bolted in laboratories is at last partly opened. To give honest skill & enthusiasm to this new method of contraception may be the single means of changing the quality of the population of the world--and truly giving an upward & onward lift to a cultural civilization.

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