Margaret Sanger, "Barred From Visiting Japan," 1950.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:613."

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Ever since the end of the war with Japan--there have been requests & invitations from several organizations in Japan requesting me to come to Japan & help set up an adequate organization on teaching & technique of contraception to enable the poorest parents in that country to space pregnancies & control the size of the family. One of the most prominent women in Japan Mrs. Shizue Kato a long time friend in Tokyo made a special request & I according and at no cost to the Occupying Authorities I was to be her guest.

Previous to my application for a permit Gen Mc Arthur on July 6, 1949 had announced that the subject of birth control or the pros or cons of the subject did not fall within the prescribed scope of the Occupation” He announced a “hands off policy” as he rightly considered it to be a subject for the Japanese people themselves to decide according to this sane & right policy (Democratic)

I sent an application on Aug 30 1949 to the Military Pacific Military Permit Branch in Wsh DC. Received a reply Aug 30 that my request could not have favorable consideration On Sept 10th I wrote again requesting that my application be given further consideration because of the health factors involved in the large number of abortions now practiced by the desperate women in Japan--

A further reconsideration was suggested after 2 months. On Nov 22 a reply came that the Theatre Headquarters of Tokyo--Gen had on Nov 21st informed Wash DC that my request could not be favorably consider. It does not seem fair or Democratic policy to allow the American Catholic Womens Club of ↑the↓ Tokyo area--a small unimportant foreign group of women who had protested against references to BC in a book Japanese Natural Resources by Prof Ed Ackerman of the Univ of Chicago

Over 2500 copies of this book had been halted in destination of reference to BC eliminated according to a statement by Col Schenck

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