Margaret Sanger, "Greetings to My Friends in Japan," 09 Apr 1954.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:894."

Sanger gave this address at the start of her 1954 tour of Japan.


April 9, 1954

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, President, International Planned Parenthood Federation

It is good to come back like the spring to your beautiful country. It is going to be a renewed experience for me to be here in April, for it was that month in 1922 that I first came to Japan, and now I am here again with a very charming friend, half of your country, and half of mine, Mrs. Chieko Hata, who was born in the United States of Japanese parents.

The purpose of my trip is to get first hand information about the progress that has been made by the Japanese Minister of Welfare, Dr. Koseisho, and Dr. Y. Koya, Director of the Institute of Public Health. They are both in their various fields combining to the contribution of the welfare of the people of Japan in the program of mothers health by establishing first ranking positions in the world through family planning. Their method of imparting information to the mothers personally and privately is the first method of this kind anywhere to be given, and I am very anxious to consult with them both as to results.

Also the Family Planning Federation of Japan has been organized, and its first National meeting is to be held April 18th. I am happy to be there in person to congratulate them and to see for myself and to hear from the field workers of family planning as to their successful results.

It is my pleasure to be in Japan in April, and I trust that the cherry trees will still be in bloom. My first visit to Japan was in April, 1922, an experience that I have never forgotten.

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