Margaret Sanger, "Second All India Conference on Family Planning Message," 6 Dec 1954.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collection S77:71."

Sanger's message was sent to Lady Rama Rau and likely read at the meeting.


To Lady Rama Rau and Friends of the Family Planning Association of India

Kindly convey to the delegates and co-workers of the F.P.A. of India my compliments and congratulations for the splendid accomplishments of the past two years.

I regret that I can not be with you for your second national meeting to congratulate in person the accomplishments as a result of hard work and consecrated devotion.

What India has accomplished relative to family planning centers and the spread of this educational reform has been a great surprise and inspiration to many of us who have labored through the years. What has taken us twenty years to accomplish, India has done in two years. Yours is the first Government to have contributed to the spread of this work, and now with reports from some of your scientists in the scientific laboratories they are on their way to develop simple cheap contraceptives, which is indeed much to be desired. And again my congratulations and hearty best wishes for the continued success of your work and the worldwide inspiration that your Family Planning Association of India has give to us all.

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