Margaret Sanger, "Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood Welcoming Address," 24 Oct 1955.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:936."

This draft was prepared for the Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood, held in Tokyo, Japan.For Sanger's other speeches at this meeting, see "Planned Parenthood: A Cultural Civilization Will Bring World Peace," Oct. 24, 1955, and Votes of Thanks, Oct. 29, 1955. For her Foreword to the meeting proceedings, see Oct. 1955.

On behalf of the officers of the Int PPF it is my pleasure to express our thanks to the addresses of welcome especially by the Minister of Welfare of the Government of Tokyo Metropolis.

It is also my privilege to thank the F.P. Fed of Japan for inviting us to come to this charming country & hold our fifth Int Conference on BC here in Tokyo.

In my last years of experience I know a good deal about the organization of Conferences. I know the importance of sweat & tears, the headaches & heartaches all of which combine to meld together strong bonds of minds & hearts. These qualities have been evident for the past year by the Japanese Planning Committee. They have worked voluntarily, they each have had positions to hold during the regular eight hours & conference work had to be done in after hours often late in the night.

They have had no office, so secretary, little funds, a battered typewriter, and had to face all the primitive expedients where only faith, love & caring spurred on their endeavors. Today you are to see the results which this courageous group has organized & presented on paper.

It is now the same qualities of faith & love & caring on our part as delegates to bring this into realization.

It is a special joy to me that I do not have to make any special address as there are Scientists of various categories to tell you what I would like to say, it will be told from ↑the↓ experience of experts and will be of historical importance for our future civilization--

Again may I thank you who have come from far away lands some at great Sacrifice to pool their ideas & experiences. This week is to be a record breaker of high standing for quality of clear thinking & frank discussion-- My gratitude the warmth of my hear that you are here.

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