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Margaret Sanger, "Sixth International Conference on Planned Parenthood Souvenir Statement," 17 Dec 1958.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm: Smith College Series S72:72."

STATEMENT BY MARGARET SANGER for Proposed Souvenir of IPPF Sixth International Conference

Once again after five years, we, the International Planned Parenthood Federation meet for our international sessions in India. This Sixth International Conference on Planned Parenthood is our second Conference convened in India, as we held our Third International Conference at Bombay in 1952.

In the years since that Third Conference, India has achieved much and advanced far in educating Government Officials as well as the general public about the importance of family planning and birth control. It is with profound gratitude and pride that we of the IPPF congratulate all the people of India who have made this progress, and especially those leaders of the Family Planning Association of India who have been in the forefront of the program.

It is a matter of much personal gratification to me that one of India’s leading business men reported in a Los Angeles, California, Newspaper last autumn that, "As Mohandas Ghandi was the leader before independence in India, Margaret Sanger is the leader for India today, meaning that our Nation can progress faster if its people practice birth control as expounded by Mrs. Sanger for many years.” Although this praise must be accepted for our cause rather than for me as an individual, it is good to find that progressive business men of India now are taking this position in favor of birth control, which I knew your scientists and doctors had taken for a long while.

The full cooperation of the Government of India in the preparation of this Conference is a most welcome approval of the importance of our goals, as is the increasing place given to the planned parenthood services in the budgets of the Five Year Plans.

My best wishes to all the friends and co-workers who have made this Sixth International Conference on Planned Parenthood possible.

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