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Margaret Sanger, "Midwives Annual," Nov 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:803."

Sanger was in Japan from October 30 to November 9, 1952. No information has been found on if or where this article was published. Written on the letterhead of the Prince Hotel in Tokyo.

Midwives Annual

Perhaps it can be said without question that the two Professions in the Modern World where there is the closest relationship between the professional & laymen is the Midwives & Nurse (practical) professions--

It is truly a great privilege to belong to either group--but a privilege only if the nurse or midwife’s heart is completely in the work. She must love people. She must love to care for them regardless of race, sex or creed. This caring for people & caring to make them well & healthy must be her religion if she is to be a success & be happy in her job. It is not the same with a Doctor of Medicine-- He has the Scientific abstract -- objective approach toward his patient. Patients become cases in many illnesses. He shares his opinion his skills his treatments & results with his fellow members of his profession. He is happy in a different way & for a different reason than the Nurse or Midwife who may be helping him obtain his results.

While the necessity “to earn ones bread by the sweat of the brow” cab be 100% true in nursing the sick--it should never be forgotten that a long range view of the patients health by those attending care produce butter & jam on the bread & not bread alone.

When during the early years of the beginning of our educational campaign on birth control it has the usual question on the lips of obstetricians & gynecologists & midwives ask--where will we end in our practice if women practice birth control and cease to have children-- The answer is that women have not ceased having children--they have spaced their pregnancies through knowledge of contraceptives. They have born fewer but healthy babies during the years. Instead of a baby every 18 months or two years totaling six children in ten year. Sometimes seven or eight, with disease, of deficiency, debts--hunger, nervous disorder of parents & children.

The parents have born two or three children spaced two & a half to three years between, giving the mother an opportunity to recuperate from the ordeal of one birth a rest and a period to prepare her body & nervous condition for the coming of the next wanted baby. A wanted baby has the feeling of security all its life. By wanted I mean wanted before conception not after birth. We all love & want to keep alive the baby after we see it & nurse it.

While I was the one person leading the Educational work throughout the English Speaking world who stood out strongly for Medical Control of the BC Clinic, I still believe it was the correct procedure even tho it was [many years?]

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