Margaret Sanger, "New Years Greetings to the Women of Japan from Margaret Sanger," 1 Jan 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S77:66."

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New Years Greetings to the women of Japan from Margaret Sanger

Happy New Year to the women of Japan. May this year bring all women of the world into closer agreement to do all in our power to put a stop to all military aggression that may lead to another world war.

When I first visited Japan in 1922 I realized how ignorant all western people were regarding the status, intelligence, education, and beauty and charm of the women of Japan. Everywhere I found hundreds of young women, journalists, writers, editors, as well as hundreds taking part in other professions.

But the subject of birth control had not at that time seeped into the country. But as soon as it was understood the beautiful phrase “like the lightening”, the men as well as the women wanted to learn all about it and put it into practice. I called out to all women that we, as mothers, were at fault. We had produced explosive populations which would convert all peace pledges into scraps of paper. We have since that time seen this happen in Europe. Women must control births and lift motherhood to a plane of a voluntary, intelligent function, and thereby remake the world. When populations of all countries are thus controlled with women at the helm the world will be remade and it will exceed the dream of statesman, reformer and revolutionist.

In October, 1955 we will meet in Tokyo to discuss the problems of population, not only of Japan, but of the world in general. My best wishes to you, one and all, until we meet again.

Margaret Sanger

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