Margaret Sanger, "Suggestions for an Experimental Birth Control Clinic Notes," Sept 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:808."

This handwritten draft was enclosed in a Sept. 1952 letter to Frank Bohn, who wrote speeches for Margaret Sanger, as material for two short speeches she would present in Japan. No published version has been found.

↑I want to humbly↓ Suggest an Experimental Bc Clinic--or center not only to disseminate information on contraceptive methods but to be a human Research laboratory for Social & Scientific Research. It should demonstrate the practicability of b.c. on health, moral, civic & humane grounds. It should be a teaching center to which Medical Students can come for instruction & technical knowledge. This center would be the laboratory or research institute for clinical & laboratory aspects of all methods of contraception. It would become the center of studies in the field of human fertility. It could embrace the field of Infertility & help those who want to have healthy strong children--

It could extend its teaching to ↑the↓ counselling the married--

Marriage Counselling could be a part of its work--all phases of human fertility to be recorded. Marriage [guidance?] is also a part of the Bureaus field work where couples--men & women want guidance relative to each other & the development of children.

This department includes advice relative to mother-in laws--which in certain circumstances can be a “trouble spot” in the home, all these factors may be more evident in the Occidental world than in the Oriental. But we all grow out of the old habits into relatively new ones.

There are several definite reasons to practice Bc-- But first let us know the meaning of the term--as it was my own idea to call it that, “Bc, is the conscious control of the Birth Rate by means that Prevent conception.” There are three words which have meaning when people criticize the term Birth Control. The words are Prevent,, ↑to↓ control ↑& to be↓ conscious. To prevent conception means to keep the male & female eggs apart--when this is done there is no life started-- It is not different biologically or physically than remaining unmarried or practicing continence.

To control means the intelligent ability to apply knowledge to your sex life--control means to have children when you want them & to have the number you desire to have-- It does not mean to limit but to control.

Conscious also means knowledge & intelligence applied to your life not to be a victim of superstition & chance.

Children should be conceived in love & wanted before they are conceived. The special reasons to use birth control are various.

The first is to be sure the child will be healthy & not carry traits to physical or mental to handicap its development & progress in life. So,

(1) Men & women who have any transmittable disease should not have children.

(2) Parents who may show no physical

(3) & tB. kidney



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