Margaret Sanger, "Planned Parenthood Association Chicago Area Congratulations," 08 Feb 1952.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S77:67."

Sanger dictated this message by phone to Mrs. Edna McKinnon to be read at the annual meeting of Planned Parenthood Association Chicago Area.

Long distance call to Mrs. Edna McKinnon-

Message for Annual meeting-Chicago-

Please convey my congratulations to the Chicago Planned Parenthood Association on the splendid work accomplished. Greater horizons and greater efforts will be presented to your group by Dr. Stone. The entire world, and in particular Asia, looks to us to lead them toward a planned population on the road to International peace.

Your loyal supporters have helped us endure the struggles, discouragements and kept the movement advancing against religious intolerance and dogmas. More than forty-three countries throughout the world now have inspiring groups ready to work provided they have films, literature, translations. The movement has been maintained through tincup contributions, comparatively pennies. Today the world movement demands larger concepts, and efforts. We must now think in terms of millions if we would help maintain a balanced world population and ultimately world peace.

Margaret Sanger

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