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Margaret Sanger, "All Together--Now!," Oct 1918.

Source: " Birth Control Review Oct. 1918, 7 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:801."


Dear Co-Workers:--

Birth Control is breaking through. The barriers against which we have been dashing ourselves are beginning to fall. No one who has read the last few issues of The Birth Control Review can doubt that we have made even greater progress than we had realized toward the emancipation of woman.

This number is the record of a significant success and of a strong counter attack. You will find in it the stories of the unprecedented endorsement of our movement by staid old medical journals and by hitherto silent or antagonistic officialdom. You will find also an account of the arrest of Kitty Marion.

We are in a battle–-every foot of ground we win moves the reactionaries to a fresh effort to wipe out all we have done.

Recently when an issue of this publication was held up by the postal authorities, we met that interference with the declaration that instead of receding we would issue a bigger, better and more fearless magazine. With your help, we are making good.

In this issue we are saying to that odorous organization left behind him by Anthony Comstock that for every woman jailed, we will raise up ten women to devote their lives to this fight for free womanhood. With your help we can keep this promise too.

We need more women – more women actively and consciously at work for this cause. Two out of five wives in the United States now practise and privately approve of Birth Control. We want these women to come into the open and stand courageously for the liberation of their less fortunate sisters.

The quickest way, the best available way to enlist new champions of this movement is to place in the hands of your neighbors The Birth Control Review

First, see that your copy does a maximum of service–-pass it on to your friends and tell them to pass it on to theirs.

Next, see that at least three of your acquaintances subscribe for The Review. Explain to them that this publication is not conducted for profit, that neither the editors nor stockholders get a cent out of it–-that it exists only for the betterment of the condition of women.

Every new subscriber means several new readers. Every new reader means the possibility of another woman consecrating herself to this work.

Women alone can win this fight for women. You are both soldier and recruiting agent in the army battling for Birth Control. The times are full of hope and full of danger. Do your part now!

Margaret Sanger

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