Margaret Sanger, "Memphis Commercial Appeal Interview," 22 Oct 1938.

Source: " Birth Control Clinic Wins Sanger Praise Memphis Commercial Appeal, Oct. 23, 1938.."

Sanger spoke with reporters at the end of her speaking tour in Memphis, Tennessee. For one of her Memphis speeches, see Speech to the Memphis Birth Control Committee, Oct. 20, 1938.


Mrs. Margaret Sanger, nationally known birth control authority who has been here a week for a series of lectures, left Memphis last night, equipped with at least three convictions:

1. Memphis’ public health work is being carried on efficiently and advantageously.

Clinic Is Progressing

2. The birth control clinic set up and sponsored by the Memphis Birth Control Committee is progressing, doing excellent work in advising and aiding the many needy (and mostly young) mothers. 3. Work of this clinic should be incorporated into activities of the public health clinic at John Gaston Hospitalbecause it was established only as a proving ground to show the real need of a similar public clinic. The favor with which she was generally received in Memphis is indicative of success in this aim, although not necessarily in the near future.

Mrs. Sanger spoke to numerous groups, some physicians and nurses only, some for the public at large. But on each occasion, Mrs. Sanger stressed last night before boarding her train for New York, she was cordially and very favorably received.

Definite Gains Seen

“I was particularly impressed with the reception I had with every medical group. The best people of every community throughout my first trip to Tennessee were always present. No, I don’t expect any new idea to leap into execution, but we are definitely making progress. This is evidenced by the fact that while in Tennessee I spoke before 16 meetings. In Memphis alone my audiences totaled at least 2500.”

Mrs. Sanger was guest of honor last night at the home of Mrs. Jerome P. Longof 1513 Linden. Returning to New York with her were Mrs. Stephen Blodgett, also of New York, and Mrs. Long. She will go to Tucson, Ariz., soon.

“This morning I visited our clinic,” she said. “There I saw three young mother, typical of the thousands we instruct yearly. One of them was the mother of nine children, with another coming along. She was the oldest. The other two, however, were girls in their 20s, both the mother of two or three. This is the type and age that need our help most.”

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