Margaret Sanger, "International News Service Interview," 12 Nov 1938.

Source: " "U.S. Marriage Aid Proposed", San Francisco Examiner, Nov. 13, 1938."

Sanger gave this interview in New York to the International News Service.


NEW YORK, Nov. 12,--(INS)

Two radical proposals to check “human erosion” in the nation were urged upon the government tonight by Mrs. Margaret Sanger, birth control advocate, in an interview here.

Mrs. Sanger recommended:

1- Pensions for persons of child-bearing age with transmissible or hereditary diseases who will agree to sterilization, and: 2 - Subsidies for healthy young men and woman, skilled artists, professionals and agriculturists who would welcome children, to tide them over the trying early years of married life until they can become self-supporting.

Provisions Urged.

Pointing out that the Federal Government would seen he asked to appropriate $850.000,000 for improvement of the public health, Mrs. Sanger said that no doubt much of this sum required of the taxpayers would be sought to increase existing health and welfare services for mothers and children.

So in addition to her other proposals she recommended that “the men and women who have the welfare of this country at heart” urge their representatives in Congress to see that provision is also made for the Government to supply birth control information to parents “among that enormous group of 20,000,000 individuals dependant upon some form of public aid.”

Constructive Relief.

“Such a measure,” she said, “not only will give constructive, immediate relief to millions of families and prevent additional suffering, but would be he greatest forward step ever taken on a national scale to raise the level of intelligence of the nation’s population, and the quality of life.”

Stressing the need for such government aid, Mrs. Sanger said that of the 2,000,000 babies born in this country in 1937, 1,100,000 were born to parents on relief or with incomes of less than $18 a week.

Mrs. Sanger, director of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau here and author of "Margaret Sanger: an Autobiography," just returned from a trip south, where she said she found a great demand for birth control information among officials and others doing social work in "blighted" areas.

Aid to Marriage

Of her two proposals Mrs. Sanger said:

"The cost of maintaining our derelict population is nothing compared to the loss of creative effort which might be utilized in other channels. Why should our benevolent Federal Government not make a constructive investment in the quality of our future citizenship by offering pensions to all those in the child-bearing aged with transmissible or hereditary diseases who will agree to sterilization?"

"Here truly is a system of pensioning that would bring its own reward.

“Couple with this another appropriation as an aid to marriage for those healthy, intelligent young men and women, skilled artisans, professionals, agriculturalists, who wish to marry and would welcome a family, if there were some provision to tide through possible emergencies in the first years until they could become entirely self-supporting.”

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