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Margaret Sanger, "Votes of Thanks at the Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood," 29 Oct 1955.

Source: " The Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Report of Proceedings,Tokyo, Japan, 1955 (London: 1956) Margaret Sanger Microfilm: Smith College Collections, S72:958."

Sanger's short speech at the Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood followed messages of thanks made by Lady Dhanvanthi Rama Rau and Mrs. Shidzue Kato at the close of the conference.For Sanger's other speeches at this meeting, see "Planned Parenthood: A Cultural Civilization Will Bring World Peace," Oct. 24, 1955, Welcoming Address to the Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Oct. 24, 1955, and Votes of Thanks, Oct. 29, 1955. For her Foreword to the meeting proceedings, see Oct. 1955.


Margaret Sanger,
President, International Planned Parenthood Federation

Our efficient, capable and charming chairman has left practically nothing for me to say. I had hoped that she would leave a few things out of her congratulations and expressions of thanks, but she covered all except the Press, and then Mrs. Kato took that. But there is one group no one has yet mentioned--the photographers, who were here early and late with their bulbs flashing, and thanks to them we have all been appearing in the newspapers.

There is one to whom I want to give special thanks--Dr. Koya--who is really the one responsible for sifting through and bringing most of the scientists and medical delegates to this conference. He has done a superb job. I also want to thank the President of the Family Planning Federation of Japan for the wonderful reception he gave us. That will remain as something quite unique in our memories, the dinner by the light of the moon in the beautiful gardens of the Korinkaku Mansion. I also want to say what a splendid job was done on the mimeographed papers in the translations from Japanese into English, as well as by the interpreters at the meetings.

We have all enjoyed these days, and I hope that you will go back to your own homes with what you have gained from this pooling of experience and knowledge and the wonderful contributions from the scientists. I feel sure we shall make great progress after this harnessing of the work of the international planned parenthood movement. Thank you for coming and for giving such splendid support to this conference in Japan, which is going to mean a great deal to us in every country. Hail and farewell.

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