Margaret Sanger, "One Million Letters from Mothers," 1930.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S73:128."

↑1 million letters from mothers↓

Some of us illegible, ↑who↓ , are familiar with the subject as a whole we realize our responsibility as human beings and illegible fight ↑are fighting↓ for the poor woman’s freedom and rights, and ↑we want to↓ see thather position as mother toelevated to one of dignity, through knowledge of birth control. Such knowledge, H. G. Wells says, “marks a new and happier phase in the history of our civilization”. Working ↑ [Military?] ↓ and professional classes have the lowest birth rate. They also however have the lowest death rate. In other words, while they bring into the world only a few children, they provide and care for those children so well that the large majority of them live to full maturity.

It is in my estimation far more patriotic and considerate of the race to have a responsibility in the function of child bearing, than to consider it an act of God thereby casting the responsibility upon him.

Theorizing--Let them ask the mothers, frantic with worry, old and broken on the wheel of maternity, Hopeless and devitalized with endless childbearing, let these mothers speak and tell us what they think of such cruelty on the part of church or state, that makes the perpetuation of death-doomed infants a necessity, that makes women submit to ignorance and kept in fear of knowledge, that with harmless information ↑conscripted↓ available through medical and scientific sources these mothers of the race must bind their hands and continue to call in vain for relief from maternal bondage.

The mothers in America who cannot avail themselves of such medical advice are indeed enslaved. They have less consideration than the cattle on our farms. They are more enslaved than their husbands in industry or the black race in the days of yore.

The women of wealth have available knowledge and are able to control the number of children in their families. Through it, they have time and leisure to develop and understand their children.

Every argument is on this side.

↑43 million women of child bearing years.
Pontifical Dictator in foreign land, dictates how many children American women shall have.↓

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