Margaret Sanger, "Happy Birthday," Jan 1955.

Source: " Around the World News of Population and Birth Control Jan. 1955, p. 1 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:915."

The byline was rendered as a facsimile signature.


Happy Birthday to our international bulletin and congratulations to the editor. The News of Population and Birth Control is now three years old. The Chinese would say that it is four--according to their reckoning, life is one year old the day it begins. However, what difference is a year or two when progress and growth lead this little monthly paper steadily forward as they have ever since its birth.

The beauty and simplicity of the contents give you, the reader, a vision of both achieved and potential aid toward the good life of your planned parenthood ideas. You can see at a glance how these ideals are permeating far-flung cities and countries--wherever people are united in interest for a new, civilized world. When this paper began realize that only four countries had initiated the International Planned Parenthood Federation: Great Britain, Holland, Sweden, and the United States. Within this short time, fifteen members now belong to it. Already the News is translated into German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Shortly, Hong Kong will publish a bi-lingual paper, re-printing some of our bulletin in Chinese.

My wish for the New Year is that the paper will stay as it is and not increase in size. Jewels come in small packages! Reaching us ten months of the year like a fresh breeze on an April morning, these four pages of quickly read, closely packaged, well edited facts present us all with a world’s eye view of the latest news of population and birth control.

Let us all increase and multiply its circulation in every country around the world!

Margaret Sanger

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