Margaret Sanger, "Will China Accept the Principles of Birth Control?," Apr. 30, 1922.

Source: " China Times(Shanghai)(ShiShi Xin Bao] , Apr. 30, 1922 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections, S70:953."

This article was published as a facsimile of Sanger's handwritten statement.

Will China accept the principles of Birth Control?

This is the question asked almost universally by people of the Western world.

The general belief is that she will not accept these principles not because the benefits of such practicewould not be obvious to her but because she is so entrenched in the age long habits of other beliefs, contradictory to Birth Control, that it would take a psychological revolution to upset them.

Their contention is to let China alone, let her work out her population problems by herself. But we will not let China alone. The Western nations have long invaded her shores and not always to China's benefit. Now we know that Birth Control has been practiced in the Western Countries much to those countries benefit. Is there any reason to believe the same benefit would not be right for China?

I believe China will accept Birth Control, not perhaps at one swallow, but rapidly in the next few years. Already there has been great interest in the question, especially among the younger generation.

It is in that generation China's destiny is to change and it will change, perhaps dramatically. And Birth Control must precede any great permanent change in her social system, for birth control is first & foremost a principle of freedom and social right, and next a great very great indeed economic expedient.

Margaret Sanger

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