Margaret Sanger, "Eulogy for Abraham Stone, M.D.," 21 July 1959.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collection S72:985."

ABRAHAM STONE, M.D., 1891-1959

21 July 1959

The extent of the shock and grief we feel at the sudden passing of our co-worker, Dr. Abraham Stone, cannot be told in writing. He came early into the Birth Control Movement, accompanying his wife, Dr. Hannah Stone, whom I met in 1921, and who became the second medical doctor serving in my Clinic in New York in 1924. Through the years from that time, Dr. Stone developed from a specialist in urology to become an outstanding teacher and leader in family counseling and birth control throughout the world.

As we all know, he was an indefatigable traveler in the interest of our cause, and his work in so many countries will be sorely missed. He achieved a successful and happy professional and personal life, even though it was cut short so suddenly. He was founder and President of the American Association of Marriage Counselors, Special Consultant to the World Health Organization on Family Planning, a member of the General Council of the International Union of Family Organizations, and Vice-Chairman of the Council of the IPPF.

He received the Lasker Award for Planned Parenthood in America in 1947. His writings for professional publications and popular periodicals were numerous. He wrote extensively and fluently on birth control and family planning, as well as about marriage counseling, and at his death was writing his autobiography. A naturalized citizen of the United States, Dr. Stone was born in Russia in 1891 and came to this country in 1905 where he obtained his medical education in New York. During his studies he met a bacteriologist, Hannah Mayer, a beautiful woman with a face and head sculptors and painters look for, who became his wife. After their marriage, he served in World War I as a Lieutenant in the Army Medical corps, during which time his wife became a medical doctor. Their only child, who survives with three grandchildren, is Gloria, a pediatrician, married to a physician, Dr. Gerard Aitken, of Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Dr. Stone is a member of many professional organizations, including the American Medical Association, the New York Academy of Medicine, and [was?] a Fellow of the American Society for the Study of Sterility. He had been an instructor of urology in the New York Post Graduate Medic School and Hospital early in his career. At his death he was Associate Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine at the New York University Bellevue College of Medicine, and a member of the Faculty of the New School for Social Research.

The scope of his work and recognition in the world is large indeed, but not so large as the great personal friendships he inspired in every country he visited. We will miss Abraham Stone deeply and forever.

Margaret Sanger

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