Source: " Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Report of the Proceedings (Bombay) Nov. 1952, Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:775."


It is with deep satisfaction that I write this Foreword to the Proceedings of the International Planned Parenthood Conference held in Bombay, India, November 24--29, 1952.

The high quality of the papers and the discussion represent the thinking and experience of men and women experts in their particular fields. Their contributions helped to make the Conference as outstanding as it has been. The papers contributed the most recent scientific knowledge known in the field of population, contraception, infertility, abortion, sterilization, sex education and marriage counseling. These Proceedings will furnish to scientific groups the world over an excellent reference book. I trust also that this will be an impetus to stimulate further study and research in all these areas.

It was sixteen years ago that I made my first visit to India at the invitation of the All India Women’s Conference in Travancore. The Conference passed a resolution demanding that contraceptive information be give to all women in India by the municipal health departments. This resolution was a firm declaration of faith and vision on the part of the women of India which I was convinced would produce results as soon as the political situation was settled and India became independent.

That vision has expressed itself to-day in the enthusiasm and fine work of the Family Planning Association of India. Theirs will be a great struggle, to help millions of illiterate, hungry, poverty stricken masses to limit, plan and space their families. But just as they have struggled and fought, every one of them, for their independence, so do I believe that the idea of family planning will eventually be brought to every adult man and woman in India--that here too a victory will be won.

Margaret Sanger

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