Margaret Sanger, "Christmas Message," Dec 1939.

Source: " Birth Control Review, Dec. 1939, p. 22 Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S72:111."

Christmas--1939! In the world about us international tragedy makes a mockery of the peace, the harmony, and the good will that are associated with the season. Yet as long as the fires of faith and brotherhood and love burn brighter in countless homes at Christmas-tide, there is hope for a saner civilization ultimately. For society basically is the family unit, gigantically multiplied. And so those of us deeply concerned with the necessity for strengthening family life and family security through family planning may draw strength and inspiration from the knowledge that our efforts are reflected not only in family welfare, but also help to lay the ground work for the mass thinking that must ultimately be applied to the family of nations. An intelligent adjustment of national needs to national resources cannot forever be ignored if we are to see the light of peace and prosperity shine again throughout the world.

Margaret Sanger
Honorary Chairman, Birth Control Federation of America, Inc.

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