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Margaret Sanger, "International Committee for Planned Parenthood Luncheon Notes," 30 Aug 1951.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm L141:270."

Sanger participated in meetings of the International Committee for Planned Parenthood on August 29 and 30, 1951, held in London, England, and delivered this speech at one of the luncheon meetings. No final version was found.

Notes for Luncheon


Thanks for opportunity to see friends together.

Congratulate FPA for the splendid & efficient reports sent out to Committee members keeping us all informed as to activities of the office--

Our next need is an ↑Int↓ Bulletin monthly news--

The Bc work in USA continues to be of two divisions or classification. The educative under the Direction of the Planned Parenthood Federation--setting up groups in various cities & States who under local guidance set up Clinics to give contraceptive advice and material-- There were at one time over 600 of these groups & clinics--

The second classification is the Clinical Research Bureau now MSRB where examples of clinic set up is established & contraceptive instruction is given--to over 135000 women during the year of its establishing--1925=26 years. This is the first & largest known clinic established especially to impart contraception information between 400 & 500 women receive such [instruction?] every month-- These women are under our guidance for one year--6 months.

We have also set up another Dept of Infertility to enable couples who wish to become parents to do so--

65% of such couples have become parents--

Marriage guidance



Medical Students

Several medical colleges send graduate students to us for [information?] . Visitors from throughout the world come to this Bureau for instruction & knowledge--

We have a staff of from 15 to 20 Doctors--

Bureau is open every day all day to Sat--and three evenings every week. Two & often three sessions go on each morning as well as the afternoon. Evenings are popular with working women.

Medical Research--

AMA requested our Bureau to [investigate?] & approve of ↑report on↓ special methods selected for recommendation to Profession.

As I am living the best part of the year in Tucson Ariz 2500 miles west of NY--I have given over the responsibility of the to Dr. Stone--& his staff--

My time is now being directed specially to International Population Control & because of this I am in London to consult with our group on the next conference-- which I hope will take place in India.

Mrs. Watumull Founder.

Readers Digest article.

The opposition & our Policy El Paso & Tucson

Wm Vogt--Director

Choosing people for Boards must be ↑more↓ carefully considered-- Not just names or Joiners--Respectable wealthy--names on all organizations-- But serious clear thinkers.

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