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Margaret Sanger, "Minute Interviews with Noted Women," 28 Sept 1928.

Source: " Unknown newspaper, Sept. 28, 1928Library of Congress Microfilm 57:189A.."

This clipping was found in a scrapbook with no newspaper identified. It may have been published in San Francisco.


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Healthier mothers, better-cared-for children, and happier marriages are benefits that would accrue from a universal knowledge of birth control, according to Dr. Margaret Sanger.

“The idea of birth control coming to the poverty-stricken mother is the most important factor in her overworked life. When her babies come too close together in the years of her young motherhood, she is not able to get her full strength.

“She cannot give them the proper care and attention her heart longs to give.

“If she has three years at least between the births of children, life will be different for her and her babies. She should be well and strong and normal psychologically--fully recovered from the strain of bearing one child before she has another.

“Finances also should be considered before the family is increased. There should be money enough in the bank to carry them all through any emergency that might occur.

“Increasing the family should be a voluntary thing because the children that arrive that way are wanted children for whom preparation has been made and for whom the family budget and family health provide.”

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