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Margaret Sanger, "The Fight for Birth Control," Jul 1916.

Source: " Birth Control News, July 1916, p. 3 Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm LCM 135:0213B."


By Margaret H. Sanger

Concern for woman's morals is the cloak behind which hypocrisy and ignorance have always hidden in their age-long effort to keep woman in subjection. In Spain today, improved means of transportation are opposed on the ground that they would make it easier for women to get to the large cities and lead immoral lives!

Woman working side by side with man today demands that the old moral code be revised and that moral questions be freely discussed. The fight for birth control is a fight for moral freedom and equality.

Every department of life is open to investigation and discussion except the shaded valley of sex. Woe to him who dares explore that forbidden realm! No matter how pure his motives or how serious the ills he seeks to cure, slander, persecution and imprisonment await him who ventures to throw the light of knowledge into that cave of darkness.

Anyone who has seen at first hand the misery and ignorance of the poor must recognize that birth control is one of the livest issues of the day and that it affects deeply the future welfare of the race.

Three hundred babies under one year of age die annually in this country from poverty and neglect, while 600,000 parents are kept in ignorance of how to prevent the birth of 300,000 more to die in the same way the following year.

Women of the working class consider it wrong to bring children into the world to die of hunger and privation. They prefer to risk their lives through abortion, if need be, rather than give birth to children they cannot properly feed and clothe. A few simple words of advice would avoid the horrible slaughter of abortion going on in this country today.

The United States is the only country where it is unlawful to give information regarding birth control.

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