Margaret Sanger, "Is Sex Discussion Obscene?," Aug 1916.

Source: " Birth Control News, Aug. 1916, p. 8 Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm, 135:216A."

This brief statement by Sanger was published by the Ohio Birth Control League in its short-lived Birth Control News. For another statement published in the same issue, see "Where the Blame Rests", Aug 1916. The quotes were likely taken from Sanger's speeches.

Is Sex Discussion Obscene?

By Margaret H. Sanger

It is no more indecent to speak of sexual anatomy, physiology or hygiene in a sincerely scientific spirit than to discuss other bodily functions, as those of the stomach, heart or kidneys. Science does not recognize any part of the human body as obscene when studied with the serious purpose of ascertaining natural truths in order to promote health and safeguard life.

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