Margaret Sanger, "Introduction for Henry Pratt Fairchild," 26 Feb 1929.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 129:750B."

Margaret Sanger introduced Henry Pratt Fairchild's remarks at a dinner for the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau at New York's Plaza Hotel. Related documents are Sanger's opening address that night and her introductions for Owen Lovejoy and Frank Hankins.

Let's not forget that Birth Control is no mere matter of overburdened mothers with babes in their arms and hungry children tugging at their skirts. It is a problem which affects the whole world--politics, industry, immigration, and all grave international problems. In 1927 there gathered in Geneva a large group of authorities on these problems-- ↑300↓ scientists and historians from all ↑many↓ countries. One of them read an illuminating and masterly paper on "optimum Population" which received more attention from the press of Europe than any other paper present at the World Population Conference of 1927. I am ↑was↓ proud that the author of this paper is ↑was↓ an American resident of New York, and the professor of sociology ↑economics↓ at New York University. And I am even prouder of the fact that he has lent his prestige and his presence to this gathering tonight. I have the great honor of introducing Dr. ↑Henry Pratt↓ Fairchild.

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