Margaret Sanger, "International Planned Parenthood Federation Presidential Acceptance Speech Notes," 22 Aug 1953.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 129:0746."

Sanger accepted her nomination as president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Stockholm, Sweden at the final session of the Fourth International Conference on Planned Parenthood.Page(s) may be missing.

This nomination as First President of the FourthInternational PP Federation is indeed a great honor. I had hoped & prayed since the Bombay Conference that the Presidency would be accepted by that charming, able woman Lady Rama Rau.

She has given her reason why she can not accept the position & hope that in the next two years when we meet again that these difficulties will evaporate & be gone forever.

This had been a splendid conference. I appreciate & congratulate the German delegates for their presence here. I know what difficulties they must overcome to speak out on the subject. But it is not easy to keep truth buried behind laws forever & I believe that when the general people get on their feet again--time movement will gain strength. I also thank the Dutch delegation for their splendid cooperation. Their understanding has indeed made the work of the Steering Committee a pleasure.

We must also thank the delegates from Greece, Turkey, Japan for their presence here.

The splendid accommodations that the Swedish League has made for us. Their hospitality, their organizing ability give us hope that one day there may be a cooperative well ordered world where PP becomes a pattern of our civilization--Mrs. Ottensen Jensen’s great heart & love has made us all feel equal to the task which is ahead of us as we separate & return to our homes to carry on.

Last may I say that we all owe a debt of gratitude for the skilled & able demonstrations of fairness. Chairman Dr. Blacker,--Dr. Blacker has worked long hours on the Constitution I wrote him & requested that he & the English Committee set up the form of an International Constitution for this Conference which could be passed around to the various nationals for their opinions & comments. This was done & I know it took the midnight time to set it forth in so splendid a form for our discussions.

We have all discussed every point & with a few changes or additions I am pleased that this Constitution has been accepted. As to myself--I can only say that my heart is too full to express my gratitude for this confidence & honor--that you have bestowed upon me. I am of the nature that I do not spread my interests. I shall be happy to take this Presidency for the next two years or until the next conference meets. I shall ask for your cooperation as well as your criticisms, your opinions & what ever you think I may do to further the work & direct its

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