Margaret Sanger, "If Christ Comes Again," 1932.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 129:634."


By Margaret Sanger

He would shock conservative Christians by his “destructiveness”.

He would sweep aside current worldly ideals--wealth, national greatness, chauvinistic patriotism, economic power, culture, and above all selfishness.

He would discover that after two thousand years of professed Christianity, the world had yet to discover the real meaning of Love.

Cynics, sophisticates, scoffers would ridicule His claims. “Old Stuff!” they would shout in derision.

He would be denounced by the ministers of the Orthodox Churches, psycho-analyzed by the psychologists, patronized by the scientists, persecuted by the professional upholders of American traditions.

Undiscouraged, he would champion the despised and rejected, the disinherited of society. In a flash He would discover that the heaviest burden of all the social injustice of the world still falls upon women and children.

And, gradually, suffering Humanity would slowly come to realize that instead of destroying its old values He would be creating new ones.

Instead of external wealth, instead of gold hoarded, instead of ostentation, He would make us find for ourselves that inexhaustible hidden treasure created by selfless Love.

To men and women would come a glorious revelation that Love leavens life with a new joy.

But this new love would reveal an Earthly Paradise to men, women and children, would have nothing in common with that base selfish, thoughtless emotion which passes for Love among many today, and hurls countless lives to disaster.

Nor would it be a colorless, anemic sentiment, based upon neurotic asceticism. Not at all: it would make “of twain one flesh”, It would renew bodies as well as souls--and it would teach humanity finally and for all time that body and soul are one and indivisible; that the supreme happiness in life is not the seizing of one’s own pleasure, but in creating joy ↑it↓ for another.

Women then would no longer find themselves the victims of selfish love. They would no longer be trapped biologically. Free and fearless, they would progress steadily in emotional self-realization. No longer burdened by poverty, by ill-health, by an ever-increasing brood of unwanted children, they would discover that this new Love creates a new source of life-giving energy. A new generation would spring to manhood and womanhood nourished and reared by its rays, infinitely more miraculous than those of the sun.

Liberty, strength, ever more liberty, ever more strength, ever more love, not merely between man and woman, not merely between parents and children, but love for fellow men, love all-embracing for the humblest and most distant of human creatures would eventually result from these new Teachings. The Brotherhood of Man, the Sisterhood of Woman, would produce a Kingdom of God on earth. Nor would these seemingly miraculous fruit be for long in appearing.

His coming would mean a quickening, an acceleration of progress in this direction. It would give Humanity a new direction--it would turn the eyes of the world away from external, deceptive, empty riches and rewards to the neglected Garden of Eden each bears within his soul, and which Love, selfless, free, uninhibited Love alone can cultivate.

No new message this--and the great question is: Does it require the Second Coming to convince Humanity of its inexorable truth?

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