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Margaret Sanger, "A Statement of Support for Emma Goldman, 1916-01-03," 1 Mar 1916.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 8:917."

This statement was read for Sanger at a mass meeting held for Emma Goldman at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Owing to the fact that a recurrent attack of grippe keeps me in the hospital, I am prevented from speaking at the meeting of protest against the arrest of Emma Goldman. The fight, as in my case, is for birth control as well as the broader issue of free speech. Birth control to me is the most fundamental issue for woman's freedom and the thing of which the race stands most in need. I hope that all my comrades and friends will work to arouse popular sentiment to such a degree that Emma Goldman cannot be convicted. My plan was to tour to the West Coast to establish birth control clinics in those States where the laws are sufficiently responsive to an intelligent public opinion to abdicate their authority in this regard. But if Emma Goldman goes to prison, it may be necessary to concentrate all our efforts against the archaic puritanism of New York State and open the first free clinic in the lower East side of New York City.

Margaret Sanger

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