Margaret Sanger, "A Message to the Women of China," 1931.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 12:618."

Margaret Sanger wrote at bottom: "For Lloyds Weekly Shanghai." No published version was found.


The most significant change which has occurred in the Western world in the Nineteenth Century has been the revolt of women against sex servility. In other worlds, it has been the refusal of women to consider themselves mere breeding machines which has given woman her place of dignity and power in the Western world.

We know now that the most important force in the re-making of the world is a free and conscious Motherhood. As women free themselves from accidental and unvoluntary breeding they set free not only the women, but the children, from poverty, misery and economical slavery. Birth control is the first step that women must make towards the goal of their freedom. It is the first and most important step that labor must take towards the goal of its emancipation. When women own and control their own bodies they will life Motherhood to the plane of a voluntary, intelligent function, and re-make and revolutionize our social system. When the world is thus remade it will exceed any dream of our present statesmen, reformers or idealists. For this is the fundamental step upon which Society to-day is based and upon which we must reconstruct a permanent social system.


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