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Margaret Sanger, "THE CONTROL OF PARENTHOOD: A Review By Margaret Sanger," 1920s.

Source: " Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Microfilm 128:0636."

This review may have been submitted to the New York Tribune for publication; published version not found.

The Control of Parenthood: A Review by Margaret Sanger

The book entitled: "The Control of Parenthood;" edited by Mr. James Marchant, with an introduction by the Bishop of Birmingham, contains an excellent study of the population question. It brings together the opinions of several of the most distinguished Englishmen and women who are experts in their own particular subject. They here present with great care the various aspects of this century-old controversial subject. It is one of the few books in which the arguments for and against the conscious control of Parenthood are given. The subject is treated from the biological, economic, social, religious, Imperial and racial aspects, and at least two authorities are chosen to present or refute each of these. The argument by Sir Rider Haggard for the dominance of the British Empire by increase of population, is most ably answered by Mr. Harold Cox in his essay on the economic side of the subject. Altogether the book is the best and clearest presentation of the subject in the English language.

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