Mapping Sanger’s Speeches

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project is building an interactive map that displays data on Sanger's speeches. We are using Google fusion tables, to record every speech Margaret Sanger made and plot it on the map. Clicking on each marker will open a pop-up that provides details about the speech--the date, title, location, and sponsor of the speech.

Green map markersindicate speeches that appear in the Speeches and Articles of Margaret Sanger digital edition, and users can click through to see the text of the speech, or in some cases newspaper coverage of the speech.

Red markers indicate speeches that do not appear in the digital edition. We have not found any indication of what Sanger discussed.

We are still adding data to the map, and we welcome any information about Sanger's appearances that you may know about but which are not yet mapped. Please contact the project at

For the spreadsheet that the map draws from, see the Fusion Table.

By using the filters, you can narrow the search by date, title, or by location. If you then click on the map tab on the fusion table, you will generate a new map.